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Why Concrete


There are many arguments for using concrete instead of other building products. First and foremost, it stands the test of time. Concrete structures are designed to last for centuries; they will not rot, mold, or deteriorate over time; they are energy efficient and virtually maintenance-free. Second, they are safe and strong, especially under harsh conditions, such as wind and fire. Unlike stick buildings, concrete buildings will stand strong in hurricanes, tornadoes and floods; and concrete is fire-resistant in temperatures over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas wood combusts at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. For this reason, lobbyists are working to change building codes and city ordinances throughout the country in order to keep people safe.

According to MIT, hazard mitigation, or using resilient building techniques upfront to prevent disasters down the road, is another important reason to build with concrete. Investing in quality products from the beginning can actually reduce the long term cost because concrete has a lower life cycle cost than other building products, especially lumber. Once a concrete building is complete, there is little upkeep required.

Build With Strength

Build with Strength is a multi-million dollar campaign started by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association in order to promote the use of concrete. Learn more about it by visiting their website!

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